duminică, 19 iunie 2011

My kind of LOVE...

Let me get this out the way
So there ain’t no complications
Later on for us
I know things don’t stay the same
People grow and seasons change
But when it comes to LOVE
Don’t you feel like
You never gotta worry about my
Feelings changing for you over time
'Cause when I say I care girl I mean it

So when the world and the odds are against us
You won’t have to question

The answer is YES
When two or three years from now
You start having some doubts about if this love will last
The answer is YES
I’ll still think you’re beautiful
Cause I am more attracted to what’s inside of you
You don’t have to guess
The answer is YES

‘Cause I love you
All I care about is your happiness
So the answer is YES

People just don’t stick around
Build you up then let you down
But I am not one of those, no
I understand that you have been burnt
Honesty is what you deserve
Yeah, and so that’s what I am giving you girl

Now if you ask will I go when you need me most
The answer is NO
I’m dedicated to what we have
But will I be here the way that I promised
I’ll say with no fear
The answer is YES

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